Code of Ethics

Quality Services.

With full knowledge that the Goodwill Employment Services Department exists for the purpose of providing services to our clients, staff should strive to provide the highest level of quality services possible to meet the individual needs of our clients.

Promote Well-Being of Clients.

Staff will not use their professional relationship with clients to further personal interests. The primary responsibility of staff is to promote the well being and quality of life of clients.

Respect Privacy of Clients.

Staff will respect the privacy of clients and hold in confidence all information obtained in the course of professional service. Staff will not discuss clients’ affairs, program activities or unusual incidents with other staff or persons, unless it is within the context of the client’s treatment/service/plan goals and objectives. Reasonable efforts shall be made to ensure that the minimum amount of information is released or disclosed in all employee and client related matters.

Maintenance of Confidentiality.

Staff, upon termination or resignation, will maintain client, colleague, coworker and organization confidentiality of any information obtained while employed with the organization.

Model Behavior by Example.

Goodwill staff should strive to set a proper example for its clients in the areas of ethical behavior, personal development, proper social skills, positive attitude, and good work habits.

Promote a Positive Work Environment.

Harassment or discrimination of any kind and especially involving race, ethnic background, religion, gender, age, national origin, sexual orientation, disability, and veteran or marital status is unacceptable in Goodwill’s workplace environment.


Employees are expected to maintain a high degree of professionalism in their work. Among other things, professionalism requires an employee to adhere to the performance and ethical standards of their profession; work in a courteous and efficient manner; undertake continuing efforts to improve relationships with the public, coworkers, clients and other organizations; maintain a positive attitude toward work; and at all times, to represent the agency well in dealings with clients and the public.

Support Mission, Policies/Procedures and Accreditation Standards.

Staff will act in full accordance with and abide by the agency’s mission, policies and procedures and applicable accreditation standards.

Support Management Decisions.

Goodwill staff will support the decisions of management. They may state their position, but ultimately staff members must follow management’s final decision.

Client Abuse, Neglect or Exploitation.

Staff will not abuse, neglect or exploit a client in any manner and will report any suspected abuse, neglect or exploitation immediately.

Avoid Impropriety and Conflicts of Interest.

Staff will not meet with clients of Goodwill’s services for personal or social purposes and will avoid all appearances of impropriety. Staff will not accept gifts, gratuities, goods or services of any value from clients or referral sources. Staff will not solicit or otherwise attempt to market or sell any goods, services or products to clients or referral sources.

Accurate Representation of Qualifications.

Staff will accurately represent education, training, experience, and competencies to clients, fund/referral sources and the public.

Professional Practice and Job Performance.

Staff will strive to become and remain proficient in professional practice and efficient performance of job functions. It is expected that staff will seek assistance for any problem that impairs job performance.


Staff is expected to fully cooperate with activities or procedures that will assist Goodwill in demonstrating efficiency effectiveness and accountability in service delivery and adhere with contractual and funding/referral source requirements.


Staff is expected to be responsible stewards of Goodwill’s resources by exercising proper care and judgment in mileage, expense reports, use of petty cash, proper billing, and eliminating waste.