Who You Help

When you donate to Goodwill Industries of Northeast Indiana, Inc., or shop in our retail stores, you help people right here in our community find and keep jobs. Your donations are sold in our retail stores with the profits supporting our employment services programs. These programs help people with disabilities and employment barriers find and keep jobs not only in our stores, but throughout the community. Thank you for your support. Meet some of the people whose lives you're impacting.When Nick came to Goodwill Industries' Employment Services, securing and maintaining employment was difficult.  His employers were frustrated with him, and his parents were, too. 

Mr. Lawson

His last job was in 2004. Mr. Lawson left his steady employment at Casa’s, which he’d held for seven years, to help family members down south who’d fallen ill. The two month break cost him the job, but his cousin had needed him, so he went.

In the years that followed, Mr. Lawson worked odd jobs, mowed grass and helped out his mother. “I would look and look, but I never gave up,” he said of his struggle to find a job. “I just kept praying. God can make a way out of nothin’.”

He unfortunately turned to selling drugs to make ends meet. This occupation landed him a stint in the local jail for three years. When he was almost out, he was attacked by another prisoner and lost his eye.

He has since gotten himself back on his feet. “I don’t do none of that anymore,” he said of the drugs.  He even forgave his attacker after asking for his mother’s forgiveness, and God’s. “I’m a peaceful person. I don’t carry the hate around with me.”

In July of 2014, after coming to Goodwill® for employment services, Mr. Lawson found a job working at the local Rally’s restaurant, where he does janitorial work. Recently, he helped prep the food like he did at his old job.

“I just try to be a team player,” he said of the job and his responsibilities.

So far, he has saved enough money to send his mother on a trip down south to visit relatives and friends. He also bought new shoes, new clothes and new bedding for his apartment and saved enough to buy a flat screen TV.

“If you want things in life, you’ve got to save and sacrifice,” he said. “But you’ve also got to treat yourself.” Mr. Lawson hopes to save more money this year and be able to afford a newer, bigger apartment soon.   

In his spare time, he likes to give back. At Christmas, he rang the bell for the Salvation Army. “I’d work from nine to nine,” he said. “First at the job, then ringin’ the bell.” He even made a donation to the charity, too. “It feels good to give back,” he said. “‘Cause I’ve been so blessed.” 




Through Indiana's Vocational Rehabilitation, Nick chose Goodwill Industries' Employment Services as his service provider. Unwillingly, he met with Employment Specialist Katie Clay. Together they reviewed Nick's goals and created a personalized employment plan. Katie helped Nick work on his resume, apply for jobs, select appropriate interviewing attire and follow up after an interview. With Katie's help, Nick started to see his own potential. He changed his behavior and secured a job with an area business. Not only did he land a job, but he made friends, bought a cell phone, saved money and bought the vehicle he's always wanted - a Jeep Grand Cherokee.





When Liz was 40 she started to lose her eyesight from an eye condition, known as Ocular Histoplasmosis. The disease took sight from the center of her eyes and forced her into early retirement. An intelligent individual who perseveres, Liz decided that the condition was not going to hold her back; she wanted to remain independent and return to the workforce. She traveled to Columbus, Ohio, to receive her first guide dog, Albert. She learned to read Braille. She also opened a case with the Indiana Vocational Rehabilitation Services to be retrained. Through vocational rehabilitation, Liz selected Goodwill's employment services program. After participating in the program she went from being unemployed to working full-time and giving back to our community.